GeoTime for Law Enforcement


GeoTime is.....

  • A software tool for visual analysis and reporting of location data over time

  • A 3D viewer for viewing location, time and link data

  • A video production engine for animated playback of movements over time

What GeoTime does

  • Imports data from a variety of data formats

  • Shows both the location and time on a map in one place

  • Outputs visual reports and videos to clearly present location data

How GeoTime Works

  • Plays back your data like you would a video file

  • Watch entities move from one location to another

  • See events occur at different locations and times

  • Spot patterns that emerge over both location and time

  • Capture screenshots or videos of your data for presentations

  • Imports data from all sorts of formats, including: XLS, XLSX, CSV, KML, Shape and GPX


How GeoTime Is Being Used

  • Law enforcement investigations

  • Cell Site Analysis

  • GPS Tracker Data Analysis

  • Mobile Phone Forensics Data Analysis

  • Movement and pattern analysis

  • Location data fusion and exploitation


Who uses GeoTime

  • Crime Analysts

  • Investigators & Detectives

  • Litigation Support Specialists

  • Intelligence Analysts

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GeoTime Works With

  • Microsoft Excel



  • Cellebrite UFED Logical Analyzer

  • WMS Map Services

  • GeoRSS Feeds

  • Most GPS tracker applications

  • Most mobile device forensic applications


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