3D Time Viewer

  • Real time display for interactively changing the viewpoint perspective
  • Displays the geographical location and time of events simultaneously
  • Movements over time are represented as trails between events
  • High performance display handles tens of thousands of data points
  • Animated playback of events and activities over time
  • Dynamic geographical map display Interactive filtering and aggregation of data

GeoTime Networks

  • Create links between entities, including communications, meetings, relationships and transactions
  • Links displayed visually in the 3D Viewer
  • Analyze entity networks interactively through degrees of separation
  • Discover all connections for a target entity
  • Reveal all links and connections between two or more entities
  • Locate meetings between entities in both space and time

Data & Mapping I/O

  • Data Import Wizard Supporting user defined date/time formats
  • Support for multi-entity data
  • Support for most telecommunication carrier reporting formats, including tower/sector information
  • ESRI ArcGIS Extension for data transfer to GeoTime, live maps link with GeoTime, as well as selection linking between applications
  • Support for ArcGIS 10.1, 10 & 9.3 Microsoft Excel plug-in for data transfer and selection linking with GeoTime
  • Support for Excel 2007, 2010 & 2013
  • Support for .GPX, .XLS, .XLSX, .CSV, .SHP, .KML, .KMZ, .XML, .JPG and .TIF
  • Import geotagged photos via EXIF metadata
  • Dynamic map display from ESRI ArcGIS, ArcGIS and WMS services
  • Publish visual reports as HTML documents
  • Export data to Google Earth and ESRI ArcGIS Explorer via KML export
  • Export data to 3rd party application via CSV

Analysis Tools

  • Meeting Finder for locating meetings between entities
  • Cluster Finder to identify clusters of events over both space and time
  • Active Site Finder isolates the most visited locations based on entity movements
  • Proximity Finder locates events and/or entities that are close in both space and time
  • Gap Finder identifies missing data within an entities movement trail
  • Stationary Finder identifies periods when an entity is stationary for a period of time
  • Speed Finder identifies periods when an entity is traveling above a certain speed
  • Links Between Entities identifies the connections between entities
  • Error checking and validation with better visual identification, as well as specialized tools for locating data irregularities
  • Segment and group data based on time, locations and user defined attributes
  • Aggregate regions of data to simplify data views

Annotating and Map Graphics

  • Drawing tools for drawing directly on the map layer
  • Visual summary statistics using shapes on the map
  • Automated drawing of cell tower sectors
  • Measurement and distance calculation tools
  • Use shapes to aggregate data within a specific region

Reporting & Videos

  •  Customize the visual appearance of events, including size, color, as well symbology
  • Capture 3D perspectives, 2D views, networks and charts for inclusion within reports
  • Link to external documents and URLs from within a report
  • "One Click" report publishing
  • Full text editing capabilities for written observations and notes
  • Bookmark key data views as part of a report
  • Publish complete HTML reports which include both text and captured images from analysis work
  • Highlight events of interest with visual outlines and call outs
  • Visually connect event and entity relationships, communications and interactions
  • Add supporting data in the form of visual annotations, such as charts, networks, notes and images
  • Timeline controls for playback of time ranges to show how events unfold
  • View bookmarking system to interactively step through key perspectives on the data

Live data feeds

  • Connect to live GeoRSS and RSS web feeds
  • Automatic retrieval and updating of data feeds
  • Combine live feeds with historical data for analysis