Open up the dimension of time with GeoTime for ArcGIS

ArcGIS and GeoTime

Oculus GeoTime adds time as the 3rd dimension, allow you to visualize movements, changes and patterns within your time series data.

  • View time and locations simultaneously

  • Real time animated playback of time series data

  • Automated analysis tools for location patterns and trends

  • Bi-directional workflow with ArcGIS

How its used today

  • Visualizing tracking or movement data

  • Analysis of time series records

  • Communications analysis

  • Identifying patterns within time series data

How it works

  • GeoTime works alongside of ArcGIS, with a dedicated Extension for ArcGIS 9.3 and 10.X releases
  • The GeoTime for ArcGIS Extension allows GeoTime to stream in all of your existing map data and imagery

  • Feature layers are sent to GeoTime for analysis with via the Extension

  • Feature selection can be sent back from GeoTime for further analysis

Request an evaluation of Oculus GeoTime 

Click here to request a live evaluation of Oculus GeoTime.

  • Test out a fully functional version of GeoTime for a limited time

  • Includes the GeoTime for ArcGIS Extension

  • Samples, Tutorials and Documentation included

And don’t forget to visit the GeoTime Team at the upcoming ESRI International User Conference!