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GeoTime® Glimpse for Investigators

Quickly and clearly see where your suspect’s devices have been.


No More Waiting – Ask Your Questions

  • Quickly and easily map call records and location-based data

  • Automatically adjusts for timezone offsets and adds tower locations

  • Easily understand mobile forensic data

  • Work from anywhere, 24/7

  • Export all your processed data

Do it yourself in three easy steps

1. Drag & Drop

Instant upload and processing of CDR and mobile forensic extraction data.

Import Raw Data
No data pre-formatting or Excel work required

All Formats Supported
Support for all major U.S. mobile carriers, Cellebrite UFED, XRY, Google Location History, UBER Location reports and more.

2. Get Answers

See all your suspect’s activities mapped over time.

Make Sense of your Data
Easily identify top callers, top locations, time of day and relationships between phones.

Get instant answers to these questions:
Was your suspect’s phone near the crime?
Who were they calling before and after the crime?
Where were they making those calls from?

3. Take Action

One-Click Reporting
Take snapshots of the analysis, or export your work for further analysis with your team.

Identify Additional Suspects
Quickly find persons of interest from your suspect’s frequent contacts.

Verify Alibis & Submit for Warrants
See key information at a glance so you easily verify an alibi – allowing you to quickly take action.


Key Features

Instant Analysis

  • Top 10 Locations, Callers and more.

  • Easily read a suspect’s messages.

  • Maps and Frequency Charts show pattern of life and timeline of events.

Software Access

  • 24/7 access from any browser with Internet connection.

  • No IT headaches or setup required.

Data Security

  • All data is sent via secure SSL encrypted connection.

  • Imported data is not stored.

User Resources

  • Online Knowledge Base user portal.

  • Formats guide with courtroom explanation of the automated data cleaning and mapping steps.

  • Warrant generator with templates and wording for all of the major carriers.

  • Learning portal for on-demand training.

Easy Reporting

  • Capture map snapshots to be used for questioning or as part of a report.

  • Conversation view: PDF report of incriminating messages.

  • Export an Excel timeline with easily readable charts.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Major Crimes Investigator

Glimpse fills the gap between the time of getting your CDRs returns and getting a response from your crime analysts.

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