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20 Visualizations to Help You Understand Crime

If you work with crime data chances are you spend a lot of time trying to find crime trends for your self or for those you report to. With a good visualization, finding these patterns and sharing this information becomes much easier. Here, Flowing Data showcases 20 different ways you can visualize your data to help you understand your data. You’ll notice that in this set mapping visualizations and statistical visualizations seem to be quite popular. When selecting a visualization method keep in mind what you would like to show with your data. For example, which of these 20 visualizations are better for finding patterns versus reporting trends? Maybe you’re trying to reach a much broader audience and are simply trying to entertain as opposed to inform. Each visualization is has its own purpose. To help you decide which visualization is right for you we will periodically post blog articles about the strengths and weaknesses of different visualization methods.

Need help in choosing a visualization right now? We would be glad to give you a hand. Please do not hesitate to contact with any questions you may have.


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