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5KM RunTime Project

What better way to get people excited about personal movement analysis than crowd sourcing a 5km run along the coast line of the Pacific Ocean? At this year’s ESRI International User Conference, you are invited to record your 5km Fun Run and submit it to the 5KM RunTime Project Team. Everyone’s run will be assembled together and posted to for all to see (and share!) after the show. What can we learn from crowd sourced movement data?

We hope to be able to look for things like:

  • How did the fastest runners break away from the group to take the lead?

  • Which groups stuck together the most throughout the race?

  • What does a group of +300 runners look like as they spread out over the duration of the race?

  • What was the fastest segment of the course?

Runners get ready for 5KM FunRun along the coast line of the Pacific Ocean

Prizes!! Everyone who submits their run data onsite will receive a GeoTime USB key. The runner with the “Most Interesting Run” will receive an iPod Touch.


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