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Announcing Oculus GeoTime 5.5 For Law Enforcement

The GeoTime Team is happy to announce a new release of GeoTime, developed in collaboration with law enforcement users from around the globe. For this latest release, we have focused on a number of highly requested features from our law enforcement users. Building off of the advanced Call Records Analysis workflows we developed in our v5.4 release, GeoTime 5.5 introduces many new capabilities to enhance the import, visualization and presentation of both historical and real-time cell site data. We have also added new presentation export options, for directly creating high quality reports from GeoTime. And to round off the release, GeoTime 5.5 now has new mapping options, including integration with Esri’s ArcGIS Online platform, as well an Offline Map Pack Add-on for network restricted environments.

Real-Time Import of Location Ping Emails GeoTime can now connect directly to an email account (Gmail, Exchange, etc.) and import emails that contain location information in real time. Imported locations from these emails will appear in GeoTime’s 3D map viewer. Users are then able to observe both a live and historical view of an entity’s location and movements. This data can also be exported as a CSV for further analysis and archiving.

Automatic import of ping location emails directly into GeoTime

Enhanced CDR Formats Support Newly introduced carrier CDR record formats combine tower description and call activities on a single row. GeoTime can now import these formats in a single pass, which cuts down the time needed to import CDR formats such as AT&T’s v2 format down to under 5 minutes.

PowerPoint Export Produce high quality PowerPoint reports from within GeoTime. All content captured within a user’s Reports Tab is added to the report including text, snapshots, charts and network views.

Direct export to PowerPoint for reporting and presentation.

New Mapping Options Locate any GeoTime event within their browser on an online map, as well as the new Offline Map Pack Add-on for users that do no have network access.

You can also check out our latest “GeoTime Technology Preview” video which provides an overview of GeoTime 5.5’s new email import feature. We will be contacting all GeoTime users of the availability of GeoTime 5.5 in May for instructions on how to upgrade to the latest version. For new users that are interested in testing out the new capabilities of GeoTime 5.5, simply send us an email at

The GeoTime Team


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