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Bi-Directional Workflows with Esri ArcGIS10

While GeoTime provides a robust toolset for analyzing geotemporal data, analysts still require access to some of the tools available to them in ArcGIS. GeoTime’s Extension for ArcGIS10 allows for a bi-directional workflow where analysts can utilize tools across both environments.

This video demonstrates how the GeoTime Extension for ArcGIS10 allows analysts to work simultaneously across both environments. You can send features and data from ArcGIS10 into GeoTime with the extension,then perform an analysis on this data in GeoTime. As you perform analysis in GeoTime, you can maintain a real-time connection with your data in ArcGIS. This allows you to filter and select data in GeoTime and have it highlighted in ArcGIS. Use this feature to filter data sets using ArcGIS10 and GeoTime.


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