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Crisis Mappers Webinar Series

Over the past three years we have been working with the International Network of Crisis Mappers in support of the great work they are doing around leveraging technology for crisis mapping. Both Patrick Meier and Jen Ziemke, co-founders of the Crisis Mappers Network, have been bringing together researchers, practitioners, volunteers and industry professionals to share and discuss the many challenges and opportunities around crisis mapping. The GeoTime Team has participated in a number of Crisis Mappers’ activities, including the Crisis Mappers’ Webinar Series. These online presentations and discussions feature a variety of speakers from many different disciplines, relating their experiences and stories around crisis mapping. What’s great about these online sessions is the post-presentation discussions that break out and continue after the webinar has wrapped up.

We have a number of these webinars archived that we hope to start sharing here on the GeoTime blog but if you are interested in checking them out right away, simply head over the Crisis Mappers’ website and register to get access to them.

Today we posted one of the more recent webinars with presenter Helena Puig from the United Nations Development Program’s (UNDP) Threat and Risk Mapping Analysis unit in the Sudan, who gave a fabulous presentation on Crisis Mapping Analytics using data from conflicts in Sudan and Libya.


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