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GeoTime 5.5 Now Shipping

The GeoTime Team is happy to announce to all users that GeoTime 5.5 is officially released.

After months of hard work and rigorous testing, this release is a “must” upgrade for all users on active maintenance. For a complete listing of new features and capabilities, please check out the GeoTime 5.5 What’s New page. The team has been collecting feedback from our GeoTime Beta sites and the two features that get the most praise are the PowerPoint export and the Live Email Importer. The new PowerPoint export is a big help in getting your reports/presentations prepared as quickly as possible. And the new Live Email Importer now allows users to look at both current and historical locations, which has not been possible until now.

Thanks to all of our Beta Testers and GeoTime users out there. Stay tuned on what’s coming up next from the GeoTime Team!

Team GeoTime

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