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GeoTime Regional Training – Spring 2014 Schedule

The GeoTime Team is happy to announce our spring schedule for the GeoTime Regional Training Classes. This year, we have expended our classes to include a Level 2 class for advanced Call Records Analysis techniques, which picks up where the Level 1 classes finished off. Both classes are hands-on, focusing on real world techniques for call records analysis, including data pre-processing, import, analysis and reporting. Attendees who complete any of the classes will receive a certificate of attendance. This year we have expanded our list of cities where we will be offering classes and will continue to add new cities throughout the year. The GeoTime Regional Training classes will continue to be offered at no charge again this year.

Note: training classes are restricted to active law enforcement and military personnel only.

Current Class Schedule March 6+7: Los Angeles, CA Level 1 & 2 Classes Host agency: LA CLEAR

April 23+24: Toronto, ON, Canada Level 1 & 2 Classes Host agency: Oculus Info Inc.

April 29+30: Bellevue, WA Level 1 & 2 Classes Host agency: Bellevue Police Department

To register for any of the confirmed classes, please visit our events page.

If you are interested in hosting a future class, please contact Curtis Garton, GeoTime Product Manager at

Tentative Classes April: Oslo, Norway April: Vienna, Austria April: London, UK May: Atlanta, GA, USA May: New York, NY, USA May: Philadelphia, PA, USA

To be notified of confirmed dates for any of the tentative classes listed above, please email us at and we will contact you as soon as the dates have been confirmed.

THE GEOTIME Call Records Analysis TRAINING CLASS ‐ LEVEL 1 Course Length: 3.5 hours

Course Agenda:

  • Call Detail Records (CDR) importing basics

    • Handling tower lists

    • Merging CDR records

  • Playing back call records over time

  • Recognizing patterns in the data

    • Movement

    • Stops

    • Repeated activities

    • Identifying a homebase

    • Trips

    • Outliers

  • Time based analysis

    • Hour of day

    • Day of week

    • Before and after event(s) of interest

  • Advanced CDR Import

    • Preprocessing AT&T V2 CDR .TXT file

    • Importing the data

      • Voice

      • SMS

      • Data

  • Importing and merging multiple handsets

  • Identify meetings between suspects

  • Adding in locations of interest

    • Crime location

    • Homebase

  • Identifying stationary periods

  • Identifying the most visited locations

  • Producing reports

    • Writing up analysis process and findings

    • Adding screenshots

    • Exporting a PowerPoint

  • Producing animated videos of the data

THE GEOTIME Call Records Analysis TRAINING CLASS ‐ LEVEL 2 Course Length: 7.5 hours

Course Agenda:

  • Data preparation

    • Naming and organizing records

  • GeoTime Call Records Tool

    • AT&T import

    • Sprint import

    • Verizon import

  • Handling Multiple Handsets

    • Merge multiple sets of records

  • Terminating Tower Locations

    • Adding terminating tower locations

  • Finding Patterns

    • Identify meetings between suspects

    • Identifying stationary periods

    • Identifying the most visited locations

  • Basic Links and Communications

    • Visual call direction between entities

  • Marking up your data:

    • Drawing

    • Annotations

  • Reporting

    • Producing PowerPoints for Court

    • Producing Videos for Court

A big thanks to our hosting partners for their support in facilitating these training events.

Thanks! The GeoTime Team


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