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Houston HIDTA: GeoTime in Narcotics Investigations

This summer, we were fortunate enough to have Megan Tyson from the Houston HIDTA present at the ESRI User Conference in San Diego. Megan Tyson is an Intelligence Analyst who supports various law enforcement activities in the Texas area and has been using GeoTime for the analysis and reporting of suspect’s CDR records. Megan’s presentation focused on how they use GeoTime for visualizing CDR records and playing back the movements of a suspect over time as part of criminal investigations. She uses GeoTime in combination with Esri’s ArcGIS to create animated videos and PowerPoint presentations that are used to help investigators catch and prosecute criminals.

The GeoTime team has been working with Megan and her colleagues for the past few years on developing new capabilities in GeoTime and this is the first time that they have been able to show off some of the great work that they are doing with the tool. A big thanks to Megan and her colleagues for taking the time to share some of their tradecraft.

The GeoTime Team


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