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Upcoming Webinar Presentations

We just posted the new schedule for our upcoming webinar presentations. We have some really great talks touching on topics that we discuss quite a lot here in the office; namely, movement and pattern analysis.

First up is a new talk by our Visual Analytics Product Manager, Curtis Garton, on identifying and analyzing communications patterns. Communications take place all the time via all sorts of means: email, phones, Facebook, Twitter, meetings, etc. In his presentation, Curtis will cover off a number of ways to look for patterns within communications data and how to present them in a meaningful manner.

Next up is Dr. Seraphim Alvanides & Godwin Yeboah from Northumbria University in the UK. We have been anxiously awaiting their presentation on cycling data that they have analyzed from Newcaste upon Tyne. Their research work focuses on those who cycle as their primary form of transportation in support of urban planners and policy makers.

Our third presentation was originally presented at the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) 2012 conference in San Diego. In this talk, Curtis Garton discusses how various sources of location information can be fused to create accurate movement trails for advanced analysis. He looks at data sources that have varying levels of location resolution, such as GPS, cell site locations and automatic license plate reader data.

And finally, we continue our ongoing series with the CrisisMappers Network. This session will be given by John Quinn at Makerere University in Uganda. Topic and date coming soon!

Head over to the webinar registration page and sign up today!


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