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Browse our Resources Centre for helpful content to assist you with your investigations.

The Ultimate Guide to Carrier Files

Whether you’re new to call detail records or just need a refresh, we’ve put together everything you need to know to be confident the next time a case involves call data records — from warrants, explanation documents, subscriber information, and more.

Data Requirements Quick Reference Checklist

Don’t have time to memorize the data requirements for cell site analysis? We get it. You’ve got better things to do. We’ve put together an easy to use checklist, including all the information you need on your suspects and targets for cell site analysis.

Legal Process Quick Reference Checklist

Working with legal requests is all about detail. One small mistake and your whole investigation can encounter a setback. We’ve created a one page, quick reference checklist to make sure you’re always including all the information you need for CDR & Subscriber data.

Understanding Coordinate Systems & GIS: The Basics ​

Wrapping your head around coordinate systems & GIS can be tough, but getting it right is essential to any investigation. You work hard on your cases, don’t let coordinates & GIS be the reason they take longer to solve. To make sure that doesn’t happen, we’ve put together a digital handbook that covers the basics, from the compass rose to geocoding.

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