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Double Murder in Pordenone

Double Murder in Pordenone

Double Murder in Pordenone

In 2015, Teresa Constanza, 30, an insurance agent, and Tryphon Ragone, 29, a soldier of the 132nd Regiment were shot to death in their car. The engaged couple had just left their gym in Pordenone.

The killer left the scene of the crime largely unnoticed. There were few details about who the killer could be and what motive he or she had. A gray Audi A3 vehicle was spotted fleeing the scene.

One key witness was a jogger who saw the victims alive when he started his jog, and was later spotted in cameras passing on the main street 22 seconds after the Audi had fled.

Multiple data sets were collected, including information from three different cameras identifying the path taken by the Audi A3 car, as well as GPS data from the jogger.

Technical consultants from Engistudio were brought in to work on this case on behalf of the public prosecutor. They relied on a number of tools to help recreate the scene of the crime and the timing of events.

Tryphon’s roommate, Giosue Ruotolo, was questioned.

GeoTime Features Used
- Data layering
- Callout Annotations

The experts at Engistudio ran simulations with a car and jogger, recording GPS data from these tests to explore possible scenarios and timing of events.

Layered on with time-location data from cameras and key witnesses, the facts lined up with the simulations to narrow down to the exact time and sequence of events – leaving no room for dispute.

On November 8, 2017, Ruotolo was sentenced to life for the double homicide. His girlfriend, Maria Rosaria Patrone, faced charges for helping Ruotolo avoid investigations.

The successful simulation of the test car and jogger had times and locations that matched with the data from camera recordings of the Audi and witness jogger.

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