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Case Studies

Austrian State Police

Austrian Police catches the offender responsible for brutal robberies

With GeoTime and CCTV, Austrian State Police quickly zeroed in on a potential suspect for a series of robberies, eager to take action before another crime happened.

Austrian Federal Police

Austrian Police prove an insurance fraud collaboration with CDR

When a pizzeria suddenly exploded, investigators used CDR data mapped in GeoTime to prove that the owner and Chechen mafia collaborated to claim the insurance money.

Austrian Federal Police

Austrian Police prove criminal intent with CDR, GPS and device battery status

When a woman was found murdered in her home, investigators used GeoTime to build a case against the ex-boyfriend using CDR, GPS, and battery status.

Bucks County District Attorney

Convictions in Home Invasion Double Murder Case

CDR analysis showed homicide suspects moving together between crime scenes. When shown to one suspect, he confessed and cooperated with investigators.

Henderson Police Department

Desert Rendezvous Robbery

When a suspect was ready to fight the charges brought against them, the GeoTime analysis persuaded him to waive his right to a preliminary hearing and plead guilty.


Double Murder in Pordenone

After an engaged couple were murdered, experts lined up facts with GPS simulations in GeoTime to reenact the exact time and sequence of the crime, and find the perpetrator.

Houston HIDTA and Police Department

From Disappearance to Homicide - a Cold Case Reopened and Solved with GeoTime

When a Houston jury deliberated the fate of a father accused of killing his young son, videos created in GeoTime helped their decision.

Norwegian Environmental Police

GPS Data Analysis Convicts 5 Animal Poachers

A group of men were suspected of trying to kill endangered wolves. GPS analysis showed how they prepared and conspired to ambush the wolves.

Tulsa Police Department

Missing persons case solved within a week

Call records revealed phone activity after a person was reported missing. GeoTime helped narrowed down the location of calls and locate the victim, closing the case within a week.


Murder of Missing Mother

Engistudio’s digital forensic consultant helps investigators in Tuscany analyze CDRs after the victim’s phone showed activity after her disappearance.

Ogden City Police Department – Real Time Crime Center

One software, many uses - from planning to conviction

Ogden Police Department uses GeoTime on a variety of cases – Homicide to Drug Trafficking, for planning, analysis and presentation in court.


Sophisticated Cell Tower Analysis Helps Pinpoint Criminals

Analysts can now process data sets in seconds, what used to take hours or days. LA CLEAR uses GeoTime on call records analysis and more.

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