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Missing persons case solved within a week

Missing persons case solved within a week

Missing persons case solved within a week

Tulsa Police Department Homicide Detective Jason White receives a missing person’s report. Subsequent research leads him to believe that the missing person has been beaten to death.

For all missing persons case, the critical question is: “Where are they?” and call detail records from the missing person’s mobile phone have been useful in helping these cases.

For this investigation, Detective White also found video of vehicle believed to be involved in the disappearance and murder of the missing person.

Having acquired the phone records from the missing person’s mobile phone, a Tulsa Police Department Crime Analyst processed the CDR data in GeoTime for Detective White. He immediately noticed that there is phone activity after the date the victim was reported missing. The CRT Glimpse mapped out where the phone had heavy presence in a specific area of Tulsa.

GeoTime Features Used
- Call Records Tool/Glimpse for automated processing
- Heatmap

Driving out to the area indicated in GeoTime CRT Glimpse, the suspect vehicle was quickly identified. The vehicle was at an apartment complex, leading to the same-day arrest of two violent killers.

Within the week, Detectives White, Leatherman and Brown located the missing person’s body at a property 50 miles outside of Tulsa, at a residence formerly occupied by one of the suspects. The body was stuffed under a mattress after an attempt to incinerate it.

“With the violent nature of this particular case, the actionable intelligence provided by the CRT Glimpse Tool was pivotal in narrowing the search for the suspect vehicle.”
-Homicide Detective Jason White, Tulsa Police Department

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