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Find answers to your investigative questions and create irrefutable prosecution materials.


PenLink offers the most advanced tool for 3D mapping and visualization—GeoTime Desktop.


Sophisticated mapping and visualizations can help accelerate investigations and improve your agency’s clearance rate. Easily analyze, map, combine, visualize, and share your case data.

Make Use of All your Case Data

  • Drag-and-drop your data for instant cleaning, mapping and analysis. PLX users can send directly  into Desktop for further analysis.

  • Import and layer data from a variety of sources: CDRs, mobile forensics, social media, chat and IM, tower dumps, vehicle extractions, mobile apps, GPS trackers, LPR, and more!

  • Intuitive workflows and automated reporting tools accurately normalize and map your data twice as fast.

Find and Fill Gaps with your Evidence

  • 3D mapping tool shows time and space to uncover hidden details hidden by traditional mapping and GIS tools

  • Easily identify top callers and locations, time of day, and patterns or relationships between entities. 

  • Instantly find activities such as meetings, important locations, stops and co-travel, to help place your target’s device at the crime.

Maps the Entire Court will Understand

  • The best presentation tool for displaying data in the courtroom.

  • Produce easy to understand visuals, allowing you to confidently show investigators, judges and juries where your suspect’s device was during the time of a crime.

  • Export PowerPoint’s and videos with one-click to share evidence and create effective, high-impact presentations. 

  • Mark up maps with notes and annotations to help tell your story

Learn how HIDTA’s, fusion centers, national defense organizations and law enforcement agencies worldwide are using Desktop for criminal investigations, intel analysis, surveillance operations and courtroom presentations.

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