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GeoTime® Enterprise

Manage, analyze and search all of your agency’s investigative data – with nothing more than your web browser.

The next-generation analysis platform built for criminal investigations and intelligence teams.

  • Combine data from different sources
  • Handle millions of rows of data

  • Automated reporting

  • Agency wide cross-case search

  • Lightning-fast to speed up investigations



The ultimate time-saver with instant reporting and mapping for all your case data.



Quickly drill down and analyze millions of records without the wait.



Reduce risks and increase peer review of reports with multi-user collaboration tools.

Key Features & Benefits

Automate Repetitive Work

  • Deliver rapid results with ready-to-use instant report templates

  • 50+ automated reports, including top cell sites, top locations, and top subjects

  • Create tailor-made reports to fill your agency's needs

  • Automatically normalize data formats

Powerful Discovery Tools

  • Find interactions and entities of interest within cases faster and easier

  • Generate new leads by finding links to other cases in the system with cross-case searching

  • Lightning-fast search, powered by Elasticsearch, the world's leading search tool for big data systems

Built for Big Data

  • Manage an entire agency worth of case data, including large mobile forensic reports and intercept logs in one centralized platform

  • Handle millions of records at once - quickly and easily perform tower dump analysis

  • See data come to life - view extracted SMS and email content as though you have the device

What Our Customers Are Saying

Senior Analyst

I LOVE THE SIMPLICITY. I won't have to spend hours and hours training other analysts, and I won't have to send them to other (ie. Excel) training classes.

Product Editions

CLOUD (Online)

Annual subscription per user account.​

  • Access from anywhere, 24/7 through an online browser

  • CJIS compliant

  • Secure cloud infrastructure

  • Encrypted data storage

ON-PREMISE (Offline)

  • Access through your agency's existing IT system infrastructure

  • Integrates with existing authentication services including Active Directory

  • Connects with existing map services including ArcGIS


More speed


Data processing speeds of 100K records per minute

Manage an entire agency worth of case data


Including large mobile forensics reports and intercept logs

Simple to use


3X reduction in training time for new users

Instant Reports


For criminal investigations and intel cases

Analyze in minutes


30 mins to import, analyze and report on 300K events from a tower dump

Powered by


Next generation technology powering today's biggest data systems including Netflix, Facebook, NASA and more.

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