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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GeoTime?


GeoTime is a powerful visual analysis and mapping software for law enforcement, used primarily for investigative cases involving call detail records, mobile forensic data, GPS, location-tracking data, and social media data. Uncover movements that disputes an alibi, or demonstrates criminal intent and/or geographic proximity to key events.

How can GeoTime help you?


GeoTime can find in your data to answer these questions:

  • What significant events happened in this geographic area in the last X time frame?

  • Which telephone numbers has the source number contacted most frequently?

  • Which telephone numbers do several target numbers have in common?

  • Which numbers were in the same area when they were in contact?

  • Is there a trend or pattern in the series of events?

  • Has this type of event occurred here or somewhere else in the last Y period of time?


GeoTime can be used to analyze:

  • Cellebrite and XRY mobile forensics data

  • Historical movements of objects and people

  • GPS tracking and call detail records for law enforcement or intelligence

  • Other GPS and location-based services (such as emergency services, asset tracking for fleets)

  • Financial services (such as retail branch complaints, credit analysis, fraud analysis)

  • Users of geo-tagged EXIF images and KML features


What is needed to use GeoTime?


GeoTime can provide visual analysis on any data sets that include time and location coordinates. Data can be imported into GeoTime in many file formats, including:

  • Excel (.xls, .xlsx, .csv)

  • XML

  • KML

  • .JPG with geo-location

  • .SHP shape file

Please refer to GeoTime’s System Requirements to ensure your workstation is compatible with the software.


How are you different?


Our full suite of GeoTime products takes data sets, such as call detail records, from data preparation to analysis to presentation. Driven by users from the law enforcement industry, we continuously update and evolve our analysis tools and features to help detectives, investigators and analysts do their job efficiently and accurately.

Our customers have found success using GeoTime and our product support team for a variety of cases. GeoTime is used in 20 countries in over 300 law enforcement agencies, and saved over 40,000 (and counting) analyst hours. Hear what our customers have to say here.


How often do you update your software to keep up with ever-changing data formats?

As industry leaders in call record analysis, GeoTime® is updated whenever a change has been applied to a mobile carrier’s reporting format. This means that our users are able to move their investigations forward, regardless of a technical reporting change.

Where are you located?

Uncharted Software is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with staff and partners across the U.S., Mexico, Asia and Europe.

Who we are

We are Uncharted – the makers of GeoTime. Deeply rooted in research, GeoTime’s core functions reflect the need for an intuitive and integrated visualization technology. Uncharted Software holds the innovated patent for dynamic real-time animation of a 3D space time cube, allowing users to go beyond geography and time dimensions.

What is our mission?

We understand that data has increasingly taken much more time from analysts and investigators. We believe in helping you save time and effort so that you can focus on your key responsibilities – Moving investigations forward and closing cases. The GeoTime Team is here to support law enforcement professionals to be successful. Let us help you with data cleaning, formatting, processing and mapping.

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