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Analysis of GPS Data From a Downhill Skier

From time to time, we like to give the world a sneak peek into what the GeoTime Team is working on. These new features and capabilities are things that we are designing, developing or just testing out to see if they fly. And not all of them will make it into a GeoTime release. These previews videos are meant to let users know where we are headed and to get a glimpse of what might be coming up in future releases of the software.

In this video, we will be working with a data set recorded in the Canadian Rockies (Marmot Basin to be exact!). One of our GeoTime Team members used a GPS device to record a portion of their day skiing the slopes. What was great was that the device captured their altitude, which we allowed us to show their movement up and down the slopes over time. For analysis, we wanted to understand where they spent most of their time skiing and show that on the map, in a heatmap-type display. To accomplish this, we divided the hill into four areas or regions using map graphics and then summarized the number of events in each one, which in turn determined the color of these regions. The darker the color, the more time the skier spent in that region. What’s great is that you can drive these map graphics with any data that a user imports, which is really useful for doing crime series analysis, fraud reporting and customer visit heatmaps.


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