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Myth Busted: Collecting Social Media Data for Criminal Investigations

Remember that great show Mythbusters on The Discovery Channel from years ago? We know that plenty of you, like us, spent hours watching scientists prove our common conceptions wrong, leaving our minds forever changed about whether someone could escape from Alcatraz or build a slingshot to get over the border undetected.

Since the show’s cancellation, we’ve been itching for some new myths to be busted, so we enlisted PenLink’s own experts to bust some myths around social media data collection.

In our new downloadable resource, Social Media Data Collection Myths Busted, we dive into some of the industry’s most pervasive myths to get to the truth and eliminate any doubt that social media data collection is an integral part of investigating in the modern world.

What kind of myths are tackled in this must-have resource?

  • Is social media data collection as expensive as people say?

  • Does setting up social media data collection take a lot of work?

  • Will essential evidence be deleted by the platforms before investigators can get to it?

  • Is social media evidence even useful at all?

  • Are the social media companies really that difficult to work with?

  • And more!

Get straightforward answers to some of the top questions surrounding social media data collection. Download your copy of our free resource to start busting myths at your agency today!


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