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Announcing GeoTime 5.6 for Call Records Analysis

The GeoTime Team is happy to announce GeoTime 5.6 for Call Records Analysis, an analysis and reporting tool designed to support the historical analysis of call detail records (CDR) and live location alerts from mobile carriers. This new release of GeoTime helps law enforcement personnel with preprocessing carrier CDR formats, the analysis of a device’s location over time, as well as tools to easily create animated video reports. GeoTime includes a variety of resources and training programs to help new and existing users put these new capabilities to work as quickly as possible.

Advanced Call Records Analysis Tools

  • New radius annotation to create visual buffers around locations such as cell towers

  • Improved cell tower sectors look and feel for improved reporting

  • Calls and SMS events can now be displayed at the center of the sector or at the tower location

  • New GeoTime Call Record Tools (GTCRT) for automated pre-processing of mobile carrier record formats

  • Expanded CDR Carrier Formats Guide with enhanced support for Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile carrier formats

Multi-source Reporting

  • Add image content from any source such as photos, charts, maps, satellite imagery from 3rd party applications

  • Advanced HTML editing of callout annotation contents

Live Location Alerts

  • GeoTime now supports Microsoft Exchange for live import of location alert emails

  • Support for new coordinate system formats, including PENLINK’s email alerts


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