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Cupid Strikes Again: Time Series + GIS

Time Series + GIS = Together At Last.

What is special about getting time together with GIS you ask? Tons! We work a lot on showing the benefits of visual analysis which allows analysts to see changes over both space and time. Movement, for instance, is very difficult to visualize in traditional timeline views. Map viewers typically have no way of showing the dimension of time within your data. Pattern analysis is another area that is difficult to do without seeing both where and when things occurred. We believe that a fused time, space and link viewer is the key to understand movements, patterns and behaviors.

With that in mind, we decided that Valentine’s Day was the perfect opportunity for us to announce the latest release of our visual analysis tool. GeoTime was designed from the ground up for visual analysis of data that has location, time and link information. Think GPS, communications and transactional data. This new release targets three key analysis workflows:

Automatically find locations of interest

  • Identify locations frequently visited by multiple individuals

  • Detect movement close to locations and areas of interest

Easy loading of Call Detail Records to show movement and call patterns

  • New Import Wizard for CDR records

  • Supports all major carriers

  • Works on other types of communications data (ex: email, IMs, radio)

Spot trends and patterns within large data sets

  • From your RMS, CMS and other back end systems

  • Scale up to hundreds of thousands of events

This latest release will also see the first ever 64-bit version of GeoTime, giving analysts the ability to import much larger data sets than previous releases.

We will be hosting a webinar of What’s New in GeoTime 5.3 February 22nd, which will cover the new capabilities and enhancements in this release. For those interested in attending the presentation, head on over to the registrations page.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! The GeoTime Team

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