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Do more with GeoTime 5.7

GeoTime’s unified workflow helps analysts do more with the data they receive. Analyze, map and generate visual reports to drive investigations forward.

In this release, find answers in your CDR data quicker than ever, and share your results in an understandable way. GeoTime’s latest release includes new functions to analyze and identify trends faster, and communicate more details from your call record data.

As usual, current maintenance subscription customers will receive the update within the next few weeks.

Activity Matrix Interactive analysis charting any two columns of your data, and providing a single-view visual summary including heat map and frequency bar.

Bulk Annotations Instantly create annotation groups with custom information. Bulk-select groups of event points to display call out details.

GeoFencing Set geographic area(s) of interest with alerts of any charted data points from live data pings. Receive automatic updates as data is collected.

Visual Aggregation Group clusters of events with larger icons.

Mapping Support

  • WMTS support for faster maps

  • New satellite base maps

Time Savings

  • Quickly add objects to a tag

  • Select all map features at once

  • Enhanced performance in 3D view

Improved Usability and Workflow

  • Proximity detector now considers duration

  • Use your own custom branded image as the PowerPoint report background

  • New icons to tell a better visual story

  • Use XML special characters in screenshot names when exporting to PPT

  • Alerts for messages and live patterns

  • Color your radius annotations

  • Edit your embedded cell towers

  • Full screen mode

  • Compatible with ArcGIS 10.3

Time Zone Flexibility

  • Assign time zones to data without time zone information

  • Easily represent multiple time zones in one view

OS Support

  • Now supporting Windows 10

  • Windows XP no longer supported


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