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LA CLEAR Presents Call Records Analysis Using GeoTime

At the 2012 ESRI International User Conference, LA Clear analyst Toni Nunez presented a case in which GeoTime is used to analyze call detail records. Without a cooperating witness she works across multiple suspects and multiple carrier records in order to place a criminal at the vicinity of a gang-related crime.

Nunez is a seasoned analyst who has worked over 300 cases which required call detail record analysis. As the demand for this type of analysis increases, she notes in the video, it is important that a tool like GeoTime provides analysts with the ability to quickly isolate and view suspect calls at specific points in time. Current methods of generating 2D static charts for use in court not only take a lot of time to produce, but fail to reveal the whole picture. GeoTime’s 2D view allows analysts to isolate and animate views requested by stakeholders such as the district Attorney’s office.

What also makes GeoTime unique for Nunez is its 3D view which allows analysts to animate movement patterns overtime. In the case she discusses in the video below, the animation clearly shows that the suspect moves towards the scene of the crime, based on his call records, when he said he was in another part of town at work. By merging multiple phone records, Nunez is able to place multiple suspects at the scene of the crime.


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