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Live pings. Real time sharing. Introducing GeoTime Live.

We’re excited to introduce our newest product, GeoTime Live!

This new crime-fighting tool lets you see live ping emails instantly on a map as they come in. No more copying and pasting coordinates from your inbox into separate systems. The map refreshes automatically so you can focus on your subjects’ movements on any device.

Real time sharing • Instantly and securely share live maps with your team or task force • Quick sign-in, no passwords needed • Easily collaborate with other personnel and agencies

Simple to use

• User friendly – ‘anyone can use it’

• Simple interactive map

• Easily add landmarks and get geofence alerts

• See the accuracy of each ping on your map

Use on any device

• Use on any mobile phone, eg. iPhone/Android

• Use on any computer, tablet or toughbook in the exact same way

Interested in trying GeoTime Live? Email to get started!


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