What's New in GeoTime Desktop 6.4: Intuitive Interface. Effortless Annotations. Automated Analysis.

Annotate with Ease

  • Create and manage many annotations using the new Annotate toolbar.

  • Automatically sort, align, distribute, edit, and label annotations for optimal visualizations.

  • Hide or show all or some annotations with the improved Hide button.

Modern Look and Feel

  • Use Dark Mode for eye catching visuals or personal preference.

  • Easily toggle between Home and Annotate on the modernized toolbar.

  • Clearer, darker and bigger labels on Calendar View for better report snapshots and big-screen projections.

Get Quick Answers

  • Automated results for top connections and top meetings for all entities with the new Entity tab.

  • Quickly see data for all events, selected events or only visible events on screen with Property Table filters.

  • Narrow down Networks by filtering Link Count and Direct Connections.

Court-Ready Visuals

  • Include evidential text, disclaimers, snapshots, pictures, watermarks and logos with the new Custom legend.

  • Editable map bounds.

  • Enable map scale to express map distance and ground distance.

  • New cell sectors for more options to visualize data.

  • Hide the No Location bar and all overlays for unobstructed screenshots.

Data Import

  • Manually import and configure multiple files in one click when using the same data import template. Great for standardized GPS files and when Auto-Detect isn't available.

  • Seamlessly import data from GeoTime Enterprise into GeoTime Desktop for further geospatial analysis and pattern results.

Workflow Improvements

  • Use the Entity Legend for common tasks, such as:

  • Double click to rename

  • Click to select related events

  • Right click to show object properties

  • New boat and plane icons.

  • Dismiss the graphics card alert permanently.

If you have renewed maintenance with us, the upgrade has been sent to your agency's point of contact.