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New Webinar Schedule and Registration Page Now Live

After a quiet winter season, the GeoTime Team is happy to announce a new line up of upcoming webinars. We have been talking with our customers, partners and industry leaders in hopes of providing informative and engaging presentations via our interactive webinar room. We have really enjoyed the interaction and discussion that has taken place in our past webinars and look forward to future discussions with attendees.

Today we are announcing three new webinars. You can register for them all on our registrations page.

On February 23rd, Curtis Garton, Visual Analytics Product Manager @ Oculus will be giving an overview of GeoTime for visual analysis of spatiotemporal data sets. The presentation will go over what types of data are best suited for analysis, how to “look” at your data, doing markup and presenting your findings.

On February 29th, Andrew Modlin @ U.S. Geological Survey, Western Ecological Research Center, presents his work on the analysis of wildlife tracking data collected in Southern Nevada, USA. Deployable GPS dataloggers have the potential to greatly benefit conservation research, but the resulting datasets can be daunting to analyze. Andrew will discuss the use of Geotime’s visual tools to investigate fine scale habitat use, identify proximal encounters, and validate GPS location data.

On March 28th, join the CrisisMappers Network as we continue our ongoing webinar series with them. The CrisisMappers Webinar Series features a variety of speakers from around the world, ranging from researchers to on the ground practitioners. To learn more about the CrisisMappers Network, check out

We really enjoy the interaction that we have with attendees and presenters, which is made possible via our webinar meeting rooms. What has really made discussion and dialogue possible is the dynamic way the presentations are delivered. There are numerous ways in which attendees can interact with presenters, ranging from simple Q&A sessions, live chat sessions and full VoIP voice discussions. Here is a screenshot of one of our webinars in action:

Our webinar meeting room has all the facilities for group chat, Q&A, live broadcasts and more.

Check out the list of upcoming webinars and register for as many as you like. We look forward to seeing you in attendance!

Sign up today at the GeoTime Webinar Registrations Page.

Cheers, The GeoTime Team


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