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Powerful reporting in GeoTime® 5.9

Follow your target’s activities across the map, recording time-specified videos, with new map details for easy understanding at one glance.

Analyze in real-time, with simple connections and mapping of live ping emails.

In this release, find a wealth of tools and enhancements to make snapshot and video reporting much easier, tailored to your audience and the level of detail they need.

Customers on active subscription for Desktop software will receive the update in the coming weeks.

Follow Mode

Record a video following your target around the map for a visually compelling replay of the target’s activities.

New Map Details

Display an entity legend or the activity time on the map during animation for easy visual understanding.

Color Indicators in Callouts

Callout boxes now match a target’s color to easily see which target the details belong to.

Live Ping Emails

Simple connections and auto-mapping of live location alerts.

Improved Ease of Reporting

  • Switch between viewing cell tower locations at the centroid or tower location after mapping

  • Automatic Tags generated for easy control of interpolated events, map features, annotations, and event regions

  • Automatically create videos of a specific time range of interest

  • Additional font sizes for callout text

  • Increased the length of snapshot titles

Analysis Enhancements

  • Events with a mapped duration now remain visible in 2D mode during playback

  • 0,0 filter now applies to easting/northing coordinates during import

  • Default measurement units and time formats now match your local settings

  • Pattern calculations now provide a summary grid view of the resulting data

  • Network view now shows the number of connections between targets

GeoTime® Server and Add-Ins support

  • GeoTime Server user accounts are saved, and connections remembered for easy publishing to different case folders

  • Ability to publish to nested projects on GeoTime Server

  • TOC Support for ArcGIS 10.5

  • Added support for CRS UTM zone 32N – EPSG code 25832

  • Copy and paste from Activity Matrix directly into Excel for a seamless custom analysis


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