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See Key Places and Movements with GeoTime Desktop 6.3 for Law Enforcement

This month marks the release of GeoTime Desktop 6.3. Our top theme and the foundation of each of our GeoTime Desktop releases are our users. Feedback is so important to GeoTime and it’s the foundation of our release so that we can make GeoTime Desktop better, easier and more effective.

In GeoTime Desktop 6.3 we continued building unique analysis capabilities, making reporting easier and further easing the data import experience for our users. Through these updates, case work will improve, be faster, show more actionable intel, and show a complete view of your case.


  • Use the Trip Counter to find new locations of interest and get quick answers to questions like: Who visited? How many times? When was each visit?

  • Find new locations of interest and see an instant break down of unique visits

  • Get quick answers: Who Visited? How many times? When was each visit?


  • Highlight the ‘when’ and ‘where’ with side-by-side views for a complete picture of your case.

  • View two angles of your data at the same time.


  • Hide specific rows or columns in Activity Matrix for clean summaries

  • Simplified snapshot management for reports

If there is ever a feature you would like to see in GeoTime Desktop, you can share your thoughts and opinions with us by emailing

Contact us to get your upgrade and the full list of updates in GeoTime Desktop 6.3.

If you would like to view a recording of the What’s New in GeoTime Desktop 6.3 webinar, click here.


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